Music Is Elation is floating on Cloud 9. It has been a great month for music and the vibes are sunshiny and bright. It is time to get out there and have fun and we have the perfect soundtrack for your road trip, BBQ, day on the beach, or day at home chilling. These are your top hits for May!

Double the music, double the fun, double the pleasure, double the playlist! This is a massive sonic treat! It is time to SoundCloud binge with Music Is Elation!!! Get your music on!!!

Featured Tracks: Soul 
Angelo Annicchiarico with NayJ, Jeff Torres, and TCM Underground - My Heart is Vulnerable
​NayJ and The Phaige - Accumulating Pieces
Happy Sunday! We have got a NayJ. double feature for y'all, "My Heart is Vulnerable" and "Accumulating Pieces!" NayJ is on fire, burning up the SoundCloud airwaves right now, and I figure we should all just jump straight into the flames. It is time for some deeply rich and soulful vocals, straight from the heart, letting out the demons to bring in some light. "My Heart Is Vulnerable," by Angelo Annicchiarico features the amazing ambient synth groove work of TCM Underground Official and the glorious strings of JT Grace Publishing / Jtcmposr. NayJ contemplates opening up to love once again as Angelo plays his guitar with anguish mixed with a heap of emerging hope, lighting up a new path toward love. For "Accumulating Piece," NayJ puts melody to poem for a deeply emotional and affecting piece that reveals how love is held best by giving it freedom and the pain that results from constriction. The Phaige's original ambient blues guitar piece, "The Crawl," brings a brilliant emotional outpouring for NayJ to finally experience freedom. Brilliant.


Featured Artist:  Tensor 

A Conversational Interview with Tensor
CKP: Cool! Let's see how this goes. So...what were your favorite bands growing up, top 10?
Tensor: Ohh man, that is always a difficult question to answer since there were so many conscious and subconscious influences everywhere. I think metal is really where I paid attention to music for the first time. So I would say Metallica (yes, the really realllly old stuff) and Burzum were the first few bands where I really got into music. But then, obviously, I listened to a lot of Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Placebo, Pink Floyd, Led Zep, etc., the typical idiotic angst ridden kid playlist really lol. That is 7. Let me think of 3 more. I am sure I
am forgetting some major ones.
CKP: Wow, that is really interesting, didn't
expect that!
Tensor: Haha, yeah man, metal is pretty
much still what I listen to the most. It's just
I have found a way to exist and function
better in jazz. Ohh, and it would be an insult
not to add Tool to that list. Some of their
work is still a huge influence on my other
CKP: Wow! That is really interesting!
Why do you exist and function better in
Tensor: I think it's because there is more freedom in jazz. There is a lot you can do with experimental music in general, but jazz is a completely different set of tools and a more fluid state of mind. I grew up finding jazz pretty boring and linear but when I actually got into music theory and realized what was going on, it completely changed my perspective. Any other genre has rules, and, therefore, limits. Jazz taught me how to take any emotion at all and make it groovy. And that was only a few years ago. I would say 4 at the most. That's when jazz took over absolutely everything in my life and just changed the way I look at art completely
CKP: Fresh! You know I love Jaz, What jazz albums influenced you the most?
Tensor: Ohh definitely man! I would say anything from the Bill Evans or the Mingus oeuvre always hit very hard with me. But one of the reasons I found jazz so interesting was the live improv aspect of it. So I would say performances got me hooked a lot more than specific albums. For instance, Bill Evans' live 365 performance or Mingus' collective shows in Norway and Sweden in 64 were some of the most powerful jazz I had ever heard. Subsequently I found much more from both of their work and even better shows, not to mention the likes of Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea playing in Tokyo. Ahhh There is so much, man.
CKP: Oh word! Fresh, you were watching performances! Nice, on video i am sure, unless you figured out
time travel. Really interesting, so what brought you to hip hop then?
Tensor: Ohh...this is much later actually. This
is what I was saying, after I found out
about jazz around 4-5 years ago. Before that
it was all just metal albums, haha, and I would
say actually Jazz brought me to hip hop. I was
working on some experimental beat work for
my other band, RftD, for a while but that was
coming from a non jazz/ non hip hop point of
view. Eventually I went with Tensor as a solo
act so I can explore hip hop and jazz a lot
more on my own
CKP: Very cool man! What do you see as the
future of Tensor's sound?
Tensor: I hope more collabs and more writing albums man. I have one coming out pretty soon titled, "Of Melancholic Malcontent," but that is just the immediate future, lol.



Album: Smoke Patterns

Album: Prestigious Poetics

Track: Darker Clouds, Please!

Track: There Are Limits ft. Kusco & D-Real

Track: Violet ft. Lord Gabe & Nate

Track: You Don't Know Lucid ft. Mezzo & Kusco

PACMAN - Relentless The Mix Tape (Produced and Remixed by SouL Muzick)
Here it is! The highly anticipated mix tape and the first official album / EP release from Music Is Elation!!! The vicious Pacman Aka Pac Aka Pac's "Relentless - The Remix Tape (Produced and Remixed by the incredible SouL Muzick). This is 7 tracks of straight underground, independent hip hop fire! An inferno waiting to happen, a bomb about to explode!!! Featured emcees include: Nomis, Mr.DUI, Rhyzup, and Kae Tea! 
Peep it now and cop this for free!!! This is it, the time is now!!!
Bandcamp link:


Christian Smith - Reflections EP
"Reflections" is truly a journey. A heartfelt collection of compositions that stirs the emotions and calls forth the inner world to the surface. Music, like much of life, can be a mirror to our soul, to our inner most truths, to our present and cumulative state of being. Christian Smith: Composer christens this beautiful set of piano pieces with a powerful and evocative name that sets one on a personal journey of discovery and reflection if you allow it. Clear some space, light some sage, quiet the body and the mind, and let your spirit be free to experience and be enriched by this powerful and compelling EP. Have a moment of glory. 
"The EP is titled Reflections as it is a collection of my compositions across the last few years that mean the most to me. When I started composing I never thought anyone would ever listen to them; they were a creative outlet for me. However, as I have written more, and become more open about sharing them with others, my fan base has grown to the point where this is now a career path for me - something I never believed would happen. These compositions are the defining pieces on that journey for me." Christian Smith

G.M.W. - Ghetto Child (Produced by Vizbeats)

JaywakerBlack - 1 CrayZ Summa (Directed by Jenny Jumble)

politicans ponder on the promises
pontificating communist and sophist nonapologies
manipulate the parliamental policy or ardently he'll march into monopolistic fallacy
honestly the avarice is actually impacted by the practice of the monastery to map out the synapses of the followers causing apathy
present it to the monster in the audience
forget it
radically crashing the app
bashing the bastards who always actively battle the facts

data dumps definitely cavalcade
catatonic masses clap emphatic fast assassinate the sadomasochistic castes that capture all the taxes late
try to catch me 
cackle at the magistrate
status check, I’m lacking in inaction cap'n 
catapulting knowledge on some awesome sauce fantastic rapping
probably not happening
probably not shocked if you logic halfassedly
traps within his lexicon
sigils tend to section off the jesters in the seminar
gesture at the reservoir
rest assured the summon spells are junctioned to the tether ball
I meant the metabots
I said my sentence wrong
wraiths will tend to test you with Nintendo levels set it off
semaphore is set and locked
cannot write to disk because the censorship's endemic, duh
dump the active memory
capital's destroyed as a prerequisite to everything
messing up the sentences of secret sects of menacing
senator controllers courting sources of the lending fees

J3443One from "Deleterious"
social justice warriors
annoying ya
normalizing voyeuristic wars with paranoia
paratroopers storm into the foyer
crashing through the roof and move the dude into a bluer mood
toying with ya stupid
foil on an oil slick
probably unwrap and dab and cast a coyer magic trick
oh you really think the master's motives get composed upon a moralistic foundation I’m over it
hydras roar above the boat again
gotta roam the ocean 
force noetic forms of evidence
ebb and flow
fending off the federal
gestapo three letter
agency officers
we never see better
thoughts in an awesome attack
opposite common concoct a tonic to calm when I’m mad
matter fact I’ll probably launch off the pad
posit the causes of all dishonest monotonous fads
all set
summoning the solace with bong hit
awww yeahhh
pausing at the onset
mimicking the mockery and rocking out of context
stomp through the mosh pit
trying not to waste the opportunity to got get
dokken never plays instead it's opeth
tides will part in ways where waves are levitating consciousness
modernize the monument
modicums are sought by all the cosmonautopolitans